Gottlieb, Inc. is an aluminum deox manufacturer that specializes in purchasing, processing, and melting recovered aluminum. (ie: foil/pie plates, pet food containers, aerosol cans, off-spec/contaminated UBC’s). Gottlieb, Inc. has designed and implemented a unique MRF aluminum processing system with the goal of changing the way people value their used aluminum.  Find more at:

Gottlieb Inc Alum Rec

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2015 P2 Grant recipients - At the Governor's Recycling Summit the DEQ shared their list of winning proposals. Once contracts are signed the DEQ will share details about each project. The DEQ received a total of 64 proposals that amounted to $3.9 million in funding request. For now, here's your list:
  • Bay Area Recycling for Charities, $65,000
  • City of Detroit Department of Public Works, $95,000
  • Comprenew, $67,500
  • Eagle Harbor Township, $6,000
  • Emmet County Department of Public Works, $82,000
  • Houghton County, $92,000
  • Muskegon River Watershed Assembly, $92,000
  • Northeast Michigan Council of Governments, $50,000
  • Oceana Conservation District, $1,300
  • Recycle Ann Arbor, $19,500
  • RRRASOC, $8,200
  • Tuscola County MRF, $22,000
  • Village of Constantine, $3,000
  • Washtenaw Intermediate School District, $32,000

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