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Michigan e-waste recyclers put on notice - In a not-unexpected, yet none-the-less challenging development, manufacturers will no longer provide adequate collection subsidies for the collection and recycling of CRT (cathode ray tube)  containing devices. This development is putting public and private collectors of e-waste in a tough position, where they must either absorb the cost of processing CRTs or pass that cost on to customers. This week, the Goodwill Association of Michigan notified the Department of Environmental Quality of its intentions to stop accepting CRTs at locations through the state. In a similar move, Comprenew, an e-waste recycler in west Michigan, notified customers of its intention to pass the cost on to customers. Communities throughout the state are now challenged to finance CRT recycling services which flies in the face of the State's free and convenient mandate for the devices. The MRC is likely to recommend the DEQ move forward with an effort to develop a stakeholder workgroup to tackle the problem on an accelerated timeframe.

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