Busch Systems has been a prominent designer of recycling, waste, and composting containers for over 30 years, leading the way with innovative sustainability solutions and a constantly expanding and diverse collection. As part of their commitment to the environment, all products are 100% recyclable and proudly made in North America. 

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GRC & SWSAP reports show the way - Monday's release of the Governor's Recycling Council and Solid Waste & Sustainability Advisory Panel reports and recommendations were an important and exciting step for recyclers in Michigan. The reports are the result of multi-year effort by the MRC to raise awareness abuot the value of recycling to Michigan's economy and environment. The MRC's 2011 State of Recycling in Michigan report became the catalyst for a DEQ stakeholder workgroup that ultimately led the Governor to establish his Recycling Initiative and goal to double the state's recycling rate. The recommendations of these two advisory groups will guide the development of a package of bills with the goals of: 1) updating Part 115 to better align regulations with the goals of the 2007 Michigan Solid Waste Policy which also promotes material utilization and increased recycling and composting; and 2) add resources and policies that drive recycling, composting, and utilization in Michigan. 

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