Standard Scale & Supply Company is a full service scale distributor that provides high quality weighing and counting equipment, ISO 17025 calibrations, and high quality service. They provide standard equipment such as floor scales and motor truck scales. They also design and build custom weighing systems for the recycling industry. Visit their website at

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BIG NEWS! $600K available for P2 grants - The Department of Environmental Quality issued a RFP for the 2015 Community Pollution Prevention Grant Program this week. Proposals to support a wide variety of recycling initiatives at the state, region, and local levels are due on April 1, 2015. State funding for recycling hasn't been available to this extent for quite some time. While we expect stiff competition for the funding, we encourage all of you to explore opportunities, develop plans, and apply for the funds. Your work will demonstrate need, opportunity, and the process will make way for the collaborative partnerships required for any positive advancement of recycling. Use this opportunity to plant the seeds for future progress now! Learn more about the 2015 Community P2 RFP.

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