Fall Into Recycling

Fall Into Recycling is an annual topical forum for discussion of sustainable materials management issues. You can find more information about 2017's Fall Into Recycling event below. 

Weathering the Storms

Once again, recycling program managers find themselves at the mercy of changes in overseas markets. These and ongoing funding challenges stop communities from investing in programs and limit growth and success in communities with existing programs.

Get a better understanding of the current state of affairs in relation to current market disruptions, pending legislation, and the role of local government in assuring services at this year's Fall Into Recycling: Weathering the Storms.

See below for more details on registration and the day's agenda. 

Weathering the Storms

Tuesday, December 5
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

$75 Member Registration
$100 Non-Member Registration
Seating is limited

Learn about policy tools and program components that assure the delivery of valued services and make good programs more resilient to winds of change. 

Learn about the hub and spoke model of infrastructure development and service provision and how it can guide the development of Michigan's recycling network. 

Learn how to communicate effectively with regional recycling partners and decision-makers to deliver consistent and coherent recycling messages that resonate. 

Recycling programs face a wide variety of challenges, from lack of local support to disrupted markets overseas. Learn more about the challenges we will continue to face and the key program components and policies that make your programs sustainable in the face of these challenges. Understand how other states are providing access to recycling and overcoming transportation and market challenges by developing successful partnerships through the Hub and Spoke Model. Learn how to think about and even justify funding for a valued public service. You'll understand the communication and messaging challenges more mature programs are facing and tackling with new resources and partnerships. 

  • Legislative Update
  • Implications of the China Ban
  • Understand the components of a well-designed recycling program and how those components make the program more resilient in times of trouble. 
  • What a Hub & Spoke Model of recycling means to your program, your region, and Michigan. 
  • Building a sustainable and successful recycling program requires well-coordinated and well-communicated information that leads all partners to success. 

9:00   Welcome & Introduction 
  Kerrin O’Brien, Michigan Recycling Coalition
9:30   China's National Sword: What do we need to understand? How is this going to affect us in the short and long-term?
  Dylan deThomas, The Recycling Partnership
  Matt Flechter, MI Department of Environmental Quality
10:45  Components of a drought-resistant recycling program.
  Matt Todd, Resource Recycling Systems
12:00  Lunch
1:00 The value of a good Hub and Spoke Recycling program for your community, your region, and Michigan.

  Kerrin O’Brien, Michigan Recycling Coalition
Survey of attendees
2:00  Effectively communicating and working with decision-makers, stakeholders and partners to build and maintain a sustainable and successful recycling program.

  Sarah Archer, Iris Waste Diversion Specialists
3:00  Q & A regarding draft recycling bill.
  Kerrin O’Brien, Michigan Recycling Coalition
  Matt Flechter, Department of Environmental Quality
4:00  Adjourn