Fall Into Recycling

Fall Into Recycling is an annual topical forum for discussion of sustainable materials management issues. You can find more information about 2018's Fall Into Recycling event below.


Fall Into Recycling is a Michigan Recycling Coalition educational workshop designed to inform and support public and private sector program managers and service providers. Anyone interested in learning more about the industry and its contribution to the state and local economies will benefit from learning more about these topics.

See below for more details on registration and the day's agenda. 

Advocating for Recycling in Turbulent Times

Thursday, October 18
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
The MTG Space, Lansing
$75 Member Registration
$100 Non-Member Registration
Seating is limited

9:00 Welcome & Introduction
Kerrin O'Brien, Michigan Recycling Coalition

9:30 Keynote - Getting to the Heart of the Recycling Movement
Bryan Weinert, Recycle Ann Arbor

10:25 BREAK

10:45 Understanding SB 943 and changes to Part 115
Matt Flechter, Department of Environmental Quality
Kerrin O'Brien, Michigan Recycling Coalition

12:00 LUNCH

1:00 Generational Communication - Why it's Important to Flex Your Communication Style
Crystal Young, West Shore Community College

2:00 BREAK

2:20 Have No Fear: Be an Effective Recycling Advocate
Charlotte Jameson, Michigan Environmental Council

3:00 Panel - Market Disruption Impacts on Michigan Programs

4:00 Adjourn

The future of recycling depends on our continued commitment to manage end-of-life materials productively; now more than ever. At the MRC's 2018 Conference, Ellen Martin of Closed Loop Partners encouraged recyclers to "stay the course" in spite of these challenges. Many Michigan communities and businesses have already invested in recycling and the state is finally emerging as a leader. To guide continued development, we must continue to move forward.

Overcoming recent market challenges will take concise and widespread messaging, the growth of domestic markets for recycled materials, and good programs that can deliver high quality materials. Get a better understanding of the current state of affairs in relation to market disruptions, pending legislation, and the role of local government in assuring service provision at this year's Fall Into Recycling.

This year's event will feature presentations from two speakers at the 2018 MRC Conference whose messages resonated with attendees. Bryan Weinert, who has spent his entire career working on these issues, will share what he's learned and how he sees the future of the recycling movement. Crystal Young will help us understand what makes each generation different and why we need to tune into those differences to get our messages across.

Attendees will get more information about legislative proposals and shed the fear of sharing their views with lawmakers. A panel will address the recent market disruptions and their growing impact on Michigan recyclers.