Michigan Recycling Coalition's Recycling Certification Program


 “MRC Certified Recyclers will stand apart from their peers as they demonstrate a commitment to make choices that conserve resources, reduce waste, recycle, and purchase green.”



The Program
The MRC Recycling Certification Program was developed out of a need to recognize businesses, governments, institutions, communities, and individuals for their efforts to reduce waste through recycling, composting, smart planning and purchasing programs. The Certification Program allows participants to document and promote their recycling efforts through a recognizable and reliable vehicle. By helping participants gain recognition for their efforts, the MRC intends to increase awareness of waste reduction efforts and encourage greater participation in recycling and composting programs both internally and externally to the public at large.

Applicants will complete the appropriate application form with accurate information describing their waste reduction efforts and return the form, with payment, to the MRC office or participating certifier. The MRC will verify the information on the form and participants will be recognized as a 1, 2, 3, or 4 Star Recycler in the category of business recycling, municipal recycling, manufacturing recycling, school recycling, or household/neighborhood association recycling.

Certified Recycler Categories
The MRC will promote Certified Recyclers through a variety of promotional tools, on the MRC website and through other outlets of the Coalition. The MRC will continue to grow opportunities for exposure of the program and its participants. Additional Certified Recycler categories are and will continue to be considered and may be added to the program at a later date. Current Certification categories are:

Business Recycling Certification – Any business, from an office setting to a retail establishment, is eligible to receive recognition through the program. Does your business have an exceptional office paper recycling program or an employee training program that educates employees on the proper way reduce waste and recycle? If so the Business Recycling Certification is for you.

Municipal Recycling Certification – Townships, Municipalities, Counties, and Waste Authorities are all eligible to apply for certification under the Municipal Recycling Certification form. Not only will Certified Recyclers be able to promote their exceptional curbside, drop-off, or education program, like all the certification categories, they see new opportunities to take their program to a higher level.

Manufacturing Recycling Certification – The Manufacturing Recycling Certification was created to recognize Michigan businesses that use resources wisely by recycling scrap and discard from their manufacturing processes. A Michigan manufacturer that reuses and/or recycles waste generated in their manufacturing process or has a policy to purchase recycled content office products should consider applying to be certified.

School or University Recycling Certification – Schools with recycling programs should apply to be certified. By completing the certification form the school can learn additional ways to improve their recycling program. Along with other certification programs, the MRC School Recycling certification will allow the school to promote its efforts to make wise choices about protecting the earth’s land, air, and water.

Household & Neighborhood Association Recycling Certification – Households and neighborhoods can show their recycling pride by applying for MRC recycling certification. Are you or someone you know an avid recycler? Does your neighborhood make special recycling efforts? By applying to be certified you can receive recognition for your efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Program Benefits will be awarded on a certification level basis. Certified Recyclers will receive:

                            Certified Recycler window cling (dated with the years of certification)
                      Certified Recycler window cling, Certified Recycler certificate, press release mailed to 2 local media outlet
                   Certified Recycler window cling, Certified Recycler certificate, press release mailed to 4 local media outlets,                                                  recognition on the MRC website
          Certified Recycler window cling, Certified Recycler certificate, recognition on the MRC website, link to website, and                                      on-site waste assessment

Application Procedures
Applications will be reviewed by the Program Oversight Committee quarterly and processed within 90 days of the quarter. Recyclers will be certified for two-years with the term noted on their window cling. Certified Recyclers will be notified prior to their two year anniversary date and must reapply for active certification after the initial two-year time span. The Program Oversight Committee will review applications and recommend/guide a course of action, to audit the facility if necessary, and certify accomplished recyclers.

Certification Fees
An application fee will be applied to cover overhead costs.
Households = $59
MRC member non-profit/government/school = $199
Non-member non-profit/government/school = $299
MRC member business = $399
Non-member business = $499