Award of Recycling Excellence

The MRC Award of Recycling Excellence is given to chosen nominees each year at the Annual Conference. 

Nominations will begin in early 2017. All types of programs, big and small, public and private, will be considered. Examples of the types of programs that you may want to nominate include: recycling programs (public, private, commercial, corporate, industrial, institutional, school, etc.), composting programs, special event recycling and/or composting programs, education/outreach programs, waste reduction/reuse programs. The award winner will be recognized at the 2017 Annual Conference & Exhibition in East Lansing. 


 2014-2016 awards made by Lansing glass artist, Craig Mitchell Smith


SWMSWC Award      2016 Schupan Award 
                             Award of Program Excellence                                            Special Recognition Award of Merit for Service to Flint Residents

Southwest Michigan Solid Waste Consortium                                                                   Schupan Beverage Container Recycling   

Mike Csapo
Award of Individual Excellence

2015 Award of Excellence winner:

awardcompressed    2015AwardPhoto   award of excellence mrc  
     City of Lansing Capital Area Recycling and Trash 

2014 Award of Excellence winners:

Nick Carlson                                                                                                                  Nancy Stone 
Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids                                                                   Retired from the City of Ann Arbor