Recycling Markets

An easy way to think about recycling markets is comparing them to a garage sale you might have in your own home. Garage sales usually require a lot of thought, preparation, and time- but if you know you can make a little money over the weekend, this effort is usually worth it. If you knew no one would be interested in your old stuff, would you still go through the steps to set up your garage sale? Probably not. All of those outgrown and outdated items would most likely be thrown away. 

Recycling is handled in a similar way. In order for a recovery facility to accept materials, they must be confident that they will be able to sell that material to an interested manufacturer that can then make it into commodities. This is called a Recycling Market.

Certain materials like cardboard and metals are considered to have a good market because there are buyers interested in them. Other materials have a smaller market because they are less valuable, therefore less desirable.

Many times, recycling markets are the determining factor in whether a not a facility or a community will accept a certain material for recycling. Check with your local recycling contact to find out more information about recycling markets in your area.