2016ConfLOGO 4in 100pdiGovernor's Recycling Summit and MRC Conference
May 3-5, 2016. Plymouth

Presentations: (PDF Format)

Tuesday, May 3 Trainings:
Smart Recycling Communications on a Budget - Marissa Segundo, RRS; Melissa Radiwon, RRS, Anna Lynott, RRS
Sustainable Materials Management in Manufacturing 1 - Chadwick Learned, Republic Services
Sustainable Materials Management in Manufacturing 2 - Walker Modic, Bell's Brewery

Tuesday, May 3 Keynote: 
Moving Toward a Circular Economy Together - Nina Goodrich, Director of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and Executive Director of GreenBlue

Tuesday, May 3 Summit Presentations: 
What We Know Now - Michigan Recycling Index & MSW Characterization - Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Our Progress & Vision of the Future - Bryce Feighner, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Perspective: Governor's Recycling Council - Jim Frey, RRS

Tuesday, May 3 Panel: 
Panel - The Economics of Recycling 1 - Joe Pickard, Institute for Scrap Recycling: Tonia Olson, Michigan Waste & Recycling Association; JoAnn Perkins, Cascade Cart Solutions
Panel - The Economics of Recycling 2 - Michigan Waste & Recycling Association

Wednesday, May 4 Keynote: 
The Promise of Markets Development - Dylan de Thomas, Resource Recycling

Wednesday, May 4 Concurrent Sessions: 
Refresher on PAYT - Paul Gardner, WasteZero
How Recycling Success & Commitment to Community Work Together - Patricia Ireland, DTE Energy; John Ash, Goodwill Green Works
DEQ Policy & Legislative Update - Steve Sliver, Michigan Department of Environmental Qualilty; Sarah Howes, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
From San Fransisco to Detroit: Key Takeaways on Municipal Zero Waste Innovations - Scott Benson, Detroit City Council; Melanie Berkowitz, Zero Waste Detroit
Closed Loop Innovations in Business & Manufacturing - Katie Chapman, Duro-Last Roofing; Nathan Koster, Anterior Quest
MSW Characterization: What it's Worth 1 - Dan Schoonmaker, West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum
MSW Characterization: What it's Worth 2 - David Stead, Resource Recycling Systems
Going Digital: Beyond Handouts - John Watson, Recollect Systems, Inc; Tracy Purrenhage, Iris Waste Diversion Specialists
Innovation in Reuse and Recycling 1 - Jeremy Haines, Reclaim Detroit
Innovation in Reuse and Recycling 2 - Adrianna Jordan, Muskegon Deconstruction Feasibility Study
MRF Material Flow Study 1 - Brennan Madden, RRS; Emily Tipaldo, American Chemistry Council
MRF Material Flow Study 2 - Elisa Seltzer, Emmet County DPW
Working the Food Scrap Hierarchy - Larry Weber, Forgotten Harvest; Dana Kirk, Michigan State University
Safety First - David Biderman, Solid Waste Association of North America
Zero Waste to Landfill Strategies for West Michigan 1 - Bill Stough, Sustainable Research Group
Zero Waste to Landfill Strategies for West Michigan 2 - Dar Baas, Kent County DPW

Thursday, May 5 Keynote: 
Food Scraps: The Final Frontier - Sally Brown, University of Washington

Thursday, May 5 Concurrent Sessions: 
Learning from Food Scrap Collection Pilots - Lindsay Walker, Emmet County DPW
Learning from Food Scrap Collection Pilots - Rod Muir, Sierra Club Canada Foundation
Best Practices - The Art & Science of Recycling 1 - Matt Biolette, Republic Services
Best Practices - The Art & Science of Recycling 2 - Elisa Seltzer, Emmet County DPW
The Market Update - Steel - Dave Keeling, Steel Recycling Institute
The Market Update - Plastic - Patty Moore, Moore Recycling Associates
The Market Update - Paper - Rick Post, PADNOS; Doug Rahaim, Glass Recyclers
Recycling When the Chips are Down 1 - Patty Moore, Moore Recycling Associates - Moderator; Victor Bell, Environmental Packaging International; Paul England, Pratt Industries; John Bradburn, General Motors
Recycling When the Chips are Down 2 - Victor Bell, Environmental Packaging International

Thursday, May 5 Training: 
Carts Workshop: Cart Access = Recycling Tonnage - Karen Bandhauer, The Recycling Partnership; Cody Marshall, The Recycling Partnership


2015e-mailHead600x400Governor's Recycling Summit and MRC Conference
May 5-7, 2015. Kalamazoo. 

Presentations: (PDF Format)

Main Presentations: 
Governor's Recycling Summit:
Summit Overview Slides

MRC Conference: 
Repurposed Materials 1 - Damon Carson, Repurposed Materials
Repurposed Materials 2 - Damon Carson, Repurposed Materials

School Recycling Services SessionAnna Lynott, RRS
Tools for Planning a Dynamic Recycling Education Program - MacKenzie Maxwell, Ecology Center
The Detroit Flood of August 11, 2014 - Disaster Planning - Claire Galed, City of Huntington Woods; Bob Jackovich, SOCRRA; Mary Geskey, emergency preparedness consultant
PaintCare Paint Stewardship Program - Marie Clarke, American Coatings Association
How to Fund CartsPhil Bonello, National Cart Marketing
Funding & Managing CartsMatt Biolette, Chef Container
Collaboration is KeySusan Graff, RRS
Say What? Put your Communication to WorkElizabeth Schussler, The Recycling Partnership
Market UpdateDave Keeling, Steel Recycling Institute
Adding New Materials: 7 Steps to SuccessElisa Seltzer, Emmet County Recycling
Developing a Corporate Office Recycling ProgramCheryl Schmidt, Dart

Recycling on a Smaller Scale: Best Practices for a  Thriving ProgramElisa Seltzer, Emmet County Recycling
How to Develop Better Bids, Contracts for Collection, and ProcessingMichele Nestor, Nestor Resources, Inc. 


All Roads Lead to RECYCLE, MI
April 29-May 1, 2014. Ypsilanti. 

Presentations: (PDF Format)
Carts Part 1: Where's the Magic?Matt Biolette, Chef Container
Carts Part 2: Putting Carts at the CurbBrian Miller, Cascade Engineering
The Importance of Sustainable & Comprehensive Drop-Off CentersLinda Berch, Recycle Livingston
Sustainable Event Recycling Programs that WorkRoger Curtis, Michigan International Speedway
E-Waste Stakeholders DialogueSteve Noble, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Recycling Incentive Programs: A Community PerspectiveTara Presta, City of Rochester Hills
Plenary: Next Generation Organics ManagementThomas Bintz, We Generation Inc.
March Forth Into RecyclingMatt Biolette, Chef Container
March Forth Into RecyclingElisa Seltzer, Emmet County Recycling
Other Organics Part 1: Collection & HandlingJustin Swan, Organicycle
Other Organics Part 2: Processing Technologies & Reduction PoliciesDana Kirk, Michigan State University
Landfill Free TrainingSarah Archer, Iris Waste Diversion Specialists; Bill Gurn, Haworth; Marylin Glass-Hedges, WMU Green Manufacturing Initiative
Keynote; Beyond Garbage: A World Without Waste
Richard Gertman, For Sustainability Too

On the Road to Recycle
May 7-9, 2013. Bay City.

Presentations: (PDF format)

Chef Container: Municipal Recycling and Refuse Programs
Beth Coddington: What's Really in Your Waste Stream? 
Keep America Beautiful
McDunnough: Trends in Post Industrial Plastic Recycling
Kaitlin Phelps: Motivate, Facilitate, and Inspire Recycling
Sarah Archer and Mike Logan: The Business Case for Recycling
ReCommunity: Get the Most out of Your Single-Stream



Recycling by Design
May 8-10, 2012. Grand Rapids.










Nothing Wasted
May 10-12, 2011. East Lansing.






Recycling Renaissance
May 17-19, 2010. Detroit.






Your Gateway to Green
May 19-21, 2009. Mt. Pleasant.










Recycling: Where Business and Sustainability Meet
May 13-15, 2008. Traverse City.