Governor Snyder set aside $1 million in his budget recommendation presentation on 2/5/14 for recycling in Michigan. This will serve as an initiative to learn more about best practices, and expand the program throughout the state in the future. See the details here.

State of Recycling in Michigan

While the State of Michigan does not require reporting of recycling nor comprehensively collect related data, Biocycle Magazine, an industry publication, estimates Michigan’s recycling rate at 14.5%. This recycling rate puts Michigan behind almost all states in the Great Lakes region and is far below the 2007 State Solid Waste Policy’s recycling goal of 50% by 2015. 

The Michigan Recycling Coalition’s 2011 State of Recycling in Michigan: A Way Forward, sought to identify both the economic and environmental benefits of recycling to the state. The report estimates the value of the materials currently disposed in Michigan at approximately $500 million annually. In a November 2012 special message (page 18) to the state legislature, Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder identified recycling as a priority for his administration. The State’s Department of Environmental Quality has been working with stakeholders to explore and identify policy and funding options to support the increased recovery and recycling of products and packaging in Michigan. The Department presented its first proposal for consideration by the Recycling Workgroup on September 10, 2013, Recommended Approach for Comprehensive Recycling in Michigan.

A number of reports contribute to our current understanding of recycling, follow the links below to view them: 

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Michigan must recycle more landfill less - Detroit Free Press Opinion: Kerrin O'Brien, Michigan Recycling Coalition Executive Director

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Michigan Annual Landfill Reports