Want to get involved?
Help the Michigan Recycling Coalition advocate for recycling efforts today!

Easy ways to get involved in the recycling movement in Michigan:

Participate. Start recycling where you live, work and play. Volunteer at recycling events or take-back programs.

Vocalize. Spread the word about the good work recycling does for our state. Call or e-mail your district House Representative or Senator and tell them you want to see an increased effort for recycling in Michigan!

Join. Become a part of the recycling organization in Michigan. Learn more about membership here

Donate. No matter how large or small, every donation helps the Michigan Recycling Coalition achieve goals for recycling in Michigan. It's simple and easy to make a donation today- click the button below and follow the steps. You will be done in a matter of moments, but the impact of your gift will last much longer than that.


Use the resources below to learn more about advocacy:

Resource Recovery and Recycling Refresher

Nonprofit Advocacy Handbook: A Michigan Primer