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The MRC and its members are thought leaders that seek to manage end of life materials in productive ways. 

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The MRC provides trainings, workshops, an annual conference for professionals at all levels to meet, share, and learn from colleagues and experts in the field. 

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The Recycle, MI campaign is made for recycling enthusiasts of all kinds! 

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Be a part of Michigan's only dedicated statewide advocate for recycling and composting. Receive member discounts, network with public and private sector recyclers and composters, and stay on top of legislation that may impact your business. Join the MRC today!

Business Member Spotlight

In an ever-changing environment, having a tried and tested process is critical to achieving favorable results. The Commercial Insurance professionals at Brown & Brown of Detroit have built a dynamic process to address the varying needs of our clients, including the use of proprietary tools that identify policy gaps, plan design options, and contractual issues. The advantage is our people. The difference is our process. 

Government/Nonprofit Spotlight

Missaukee Conservation District has been managing the Missaukee County recycling center for 10 years. They are a small, rural community with a population of 15,000 and have diverted over 5,000,000 pounds from the landfill during that time! 

Pounds diverted


"The MRC is really dynamic. They've always got something going. They bring together a really great group of people beyond what we share professionally. It's a fun, dynamic group."

Kate Melby, Emmet County Recycling

"We enjoy being a member for a lot of reasons. I would say the main benefit is having the opportunity to network with other people in the industry, especially from different areas of the state. That's really helpful since we have locations in multiple cities in Michigan." 

Autumn Sands, Barfly Ventures

"Every year at Dart, we look forward to the Annual MRC Conference and Governor's Summit. It's a great opportunity to connect local municipalities, policymakers, and businesses. [the MRC] also have top quality industry leaders for sessions and presentations, which is always great. We get to learn about what's happening across the U.S. and hopefully we can apply those here in Michigan." 

Ashley Elzinga, Dart Container

"We recognize that state organizations, especially strong state organizations, are really important in developing the recycling infrastructure and really providing a foundation for sustainable programs of all types, so the MRC is an important part of that." 

Marty Seaman, Resource Recycling Systems

"For us as an organization [...] w'ere not only supporting, and a member of, a statewide organization, but through our affiliation with the Michigan Recycling Coalition, we also have membership in the National Recycling Coalition. And so our voices aren't only heard here, statewide, but we know we're represented on a national level and supporting this industry." 

Sarah Archer, Iris Waste Diversion Specialists

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The Michigan Recycling Coalition (MRC) represents recycling and composting interests statewide. The Coalition is a recognized authority on waste reduction, beneficial utilization, recycling, and composting through the experience of its staff and committees. 

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The Michigan Recycling Coalition is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. 

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