Michigan Recycling Coalition

The Michigan Recycling Coalition fosters sustainability by leading, educating, and mobilizing business, government, nonprofit, and individuals to advance their own and collective resource use and recovery initiatives in Michigan.

Michigan's Recycling Rate
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Our Vision

  • Where natural resources are managed to the environmental and economic benefit of every community. 
  • Where all possible uses for a given material are exhausted before being managed as waste. 
  • Where waste is managed in a way that causes minimal harm to habitat, wildlife, and the environment. 
  • Where Michigan's high public & private waste diversion and participation rates are common knowledge and a source of state pride and economic benefit. 
  • Where recycling and composting are vital and sustainable services and collected materials have value in industries globally. 
  • Where the MRC and its members are recognized, influential leaders in effective resource use and recovery throughout the state. 


The MRC and its members are thought leaders that seek to manage end of life materials in productive ways: 

  • Through key reports and continuing involvement, the MRC has elevated the recycling issue and along with it, the industry. 
  • MRC continues to advocate for needed state level leadership and resources to support community access to services and recycling economic development opportunities. 
  • MRC has retained the services of a lobbying firm to assist the organization in the passage of key policy initiatives supported by the Coalition. 


The MRC provides a variety of ways for members to learn more about sustainable materials management: 

  • MRC weekly newsletter provides regular updates regarding recycling policies and practices in the news. 
  • MRC's Annual Conference is the premiere opportunity for professionals at all levels to meet, share, and learn from colleagues and experts in the field. 
  • Professional training and topical workshops bring newcomers up to speed and everyone to the table to learn something new. 
  • Formal partnerships with the Department of Environmental Quality, U.S. Composting Council, and National Recycling Coalition provide members with additional expert resources and support. 
  • Recycle, MI, the statewide recycling campaign promotes the benefits of recycling. 


The MRC works to inform members about the important issues and activities that give members a voice: 

  • MRC provides information on how members can influence policy-making at the local and state leve. 
  • MRC facilitates quarterly regional meetings in every part of Michigan to organize and connect local stakeholders. 
  • Recycle, MI reminds individuals to recycle where they live, work, and play. 
  • MRC provides regular policy updates to members through emails and newsletters. 
  • When policy changes are needed the MRC hosts an Advocacy Day at the Capitol. 

The Michigan Recycling Coalition employs the expertise of its Board of Directors and members to take positions on policy issues important to the growth and development of the recycling industry in Michigan.

Policy Statements

And Resolution Process Guide


As recycled commodities become more valuable in the marketplace, the scavenging of those materials also increases. Recycling service providers need protection from theft, and the Michigan Recycling Coalition developed this policy statement to bring attention and action to the issue. 

Electronics Recovery & Recycling
Michigan Deposit Law
Open Burning
Product Stewardship
Yard Waste Ban Exemptions